My Bucket List.

I have thought about a Bucket List for YEARS now.  Lately I have thought about it more and more.  There are so many things to do and see and experience in the world.  I really wish that I could do it ALL.  Since I can't, *SIGH*,  I will make my list and see if I can cross all 100 things off of it before I die.  Wouldn't that be GREAT if I could???

*As a side note, I reserve the right to add to or change my list at anytime as I see fit :)  After all, it is MY list! :)

Here we go!

1.  Run/Walk a Marathon
2.  Take my kids on a cruise before any of them gets married
3.  Go to Europe (as a side note here, I really want to travel the ENTIRE world.  I could FILL my Bucket List with places I want to go and see.  I have listed a few I REALLY want to see on my list)
4.  Watch a stage of the Tour de France live and in person
5.  Finish our backyard: grass, fence, garden, fire pit
6.  Finish my Bachelors Degree
7.  Finish my Masters Degree
8.  Do something about my forehead wrinkles.  I HATE THEM!!!
9.  Decorate my entire house.  Room by room.
10.  No debt except for a paid down mortgage by age 50
11.  Watch Meg graduate
12.  Watch Brady graduate
13.  Watch Jake graduate
14.  Watch Luke graduate
15.  Send Brady on a mission
16.  Send Jake on a mission
17.  Send Luke on a mission
18.  Make a snow angel
19.  Finish the Phillips family picture project
20.  Do a 365 Day Photo blog
21.  Go to Australia
22.  Attempt and hopefully finish a Triathlon
23.  Take a photography class
24.  Take a Photoshop class
25.  Eat a vegetarian diet for 1 month
26.  Sing in a karaoke bar
27.  Put a pool in my backyard
28.  Buy a convertible (VW, BMW, Mini, or something like that)
29.  Find, buy, and refinish an old church pew for my mudroom
30.  Teach school in a foreign country
31.  Build a sandcastle on a beach
32.  Go to Disneyworld
33.  Learn to golf
34.  Go to Austin and MAYBE if luck is on my side I will run into Lance. 
35.  Swim with dolphins
36.  See the Statue of Liberty
37.  Tour Carthage Jail
38.  Go to Nauvoo
39.  Go on a hot air balloon ride
40.  Go do iFly
41.  Do the Catapult at Lagoon
42.  Live somewhere other than the US for at least 3 consecutive months
43.  Go on a river run vacation
44.  Ride the Bernina Express from Switzerland to Italy
45.  Visit the Mediterranean
46.  Walk on the Great Wall of China
47.  Watch Casablanca
48.  Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
49.  Go to the Shakespearean Festival
50.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen
51.  Write a children's book
52.  Rent a beach house
53.  Drive on the Autobahn
54.  Rent a Lamborghini or Ferrari for a day
55.  Sleep in a castle
56.  Go on an African safari
57.  Stay in a Bed and Breakfast
58.  Start a photography bucket list
59.  Ride in a horse drawn carriage
60.  Stay in a spa resort for at least one week
61.  Take a Yoga class
62.  Take a Spin class
63.  Start a blog that documents all the places I travel
64.  Visit all 50 of the United States
65.  Donate my hair to Locks of Love  Completed! :)
66.  Run an entire 5K without walking

* I will get my list to 100 as things come up.  For now this is it :)