Friday, July 30, 2010

My Happy List.

Is it really the end of the week already?  Wow!  Time once again to reflect on the week and write down a few things that are making me happy this week.

This Boy.  Oh this boy.  I wish I could bottle up his laughter and sell it.  When something makes him truly laugh, you can't help but laugh right along with him.  His laughter is so contagious.  Just thinking about his laugh makes my heart happy.

I took him to see Dinner with Schmucks today.  I don't know what made me laugh more. . .the movie, or him laughing at the movie.

Reflecting.  We have had a lot to reflect about lately.  Reflecting on the past while still moving forward to the future is sometimes a good thing.  It has helped me to realize that no matter how bad things seem, I can get through them.  Little by little.  Step by step.  The future is as bright as I want to make it.  No matter what is thrown my way, I can still choose to be happy.

Paint oh glorious paint!  I love you!  With just the swipe of a brush you can make old look new.  You can change the feel of a room.  You make my house a home.  You make me happy.  I know we just moved into our house, but I am ready to start adding a little pop of color here and there. 

The Praxis.  How could I not have posted this already???  Last month I had to take the Praxis test.  What is the Praxis?  It is a test that teachers have to take in order to be considered "highly qualified".  It is part of No Child Left Behind.  I took the test.  Waited the four LONG weeks for my scores and found out I PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!  I am not thankful or happy about the Praxis, but I sure am happy I passed!

What is making YOU happy this week???
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Sir.

Dear Sir,

I am glad that you decided to take your wife/girlfriend/date to the movies. I do realize that the movie theater was semi-full.  However, I feel the need to tell you that for whatever reason in this world we have decided that it is common courtesy to leave one chair between yourself and a stranger.

Yes, I do realize that there are times when the theater is so packed that you cannot avoid the situation and you must sit right next to a stranger.  When this is not the case, please don't plop down next to a stranger and then use the arm rest that his/her drink is sitting in as though you own it.  Did your mother never teach you any manners?

You see dear sir, I only get to go see movies on a rare occasion because my hubby does not like to go.  So, when I do go to a movie it is a real treat.  I kind of like my personal space when it is possible.  If you by chance read this letter, please be aware of this and don't do it again.  Thank you.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Happy List

It is fun to join in on the Happy List each week.  It helps me to focus on things that are making me smile or bringing me some happiness each week.  Sometimes the things on my list are simple things that normally I wouldn't think about.  Sometimes they are deeper and more complex.  Either way, it is great to ponder the week and see what I come up with :)

On my happy list this week:

My Bucket List.  I finally started one.  I have always had a, "Things to do Before I Die" list in my head.  Now I have actually written it down.  It may change over the years.  I may add to it or take away from it as life goes on, but for now I am pretty happy with it. 

Burts Bees Peppermint Lip Balm.  I don't know how I would live without it.  It is simply the best lip balm there is.
My Scholarship!!!  I was awarded a scholarship that pays for my full tuition and fees from now until I graduate!  It is also a scholarship that actually follows you to other schools if something happens and you have to transfer.  I know I won't be transferring schools, but it is a pretty great perk to have!  I never thought I had a chance for the scholarship, I was SUPER excited when I got the letter in the mail.  No more relying on student loans to pay for the rest of my degree :)
That's my list this week.  What is making you happy???

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I LOVE Thursday.

(I am swiping this post from my craft blog PAISLEY PASSIONS and posting it here today.  Just because it made me happy to post it once, so it should make me twice as happy if I post it twice, right?)  ;)

Let's see.  What am I loving this week???  (I always feel I need to add a disclaimer here that says, yes, my family, home, food on the table, all that good stuff is ALWAYS on my list.  Even if I don't list them).

I am still LOVING that the Tour de France is on.  It will be over on Sunday.  *SIGH*  Now I don't know what I will do with my LONG HOT Summer afternoons when I don't have the Tour to watch :)
 I am loving that my Hubby didn't get hurt when he hit the deer with his car on his way out of town on Monday.  The car isn't so lucky.  At least my hubby was.
 I am loving that we planted three palm trees in our backyard.  We still need grass, a fence, and other stuff, but at least we got started!
 I am loving that I got started on my Craft Room Organization project.  I will love it even MORE when it is done :)  I will share pics of the finished project.  I promise!

What are you loving this week???


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fighting Back :)

Sorry for such a downer of a post yesterday.  It was just one of those days where it seems that nothing is going right.  It has felt like we have been picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, just to get knocked back down over and over again.  The past few months have been bad, but honestly, the past 24 months haven't been great.

Yesterday I didn't feel like dusting myself off.  I felt like I was done fighting.  After some reflection and thought (and a few tears), I realized that no matter how bad things seem, I still have a lot going right.  So I am dusting myself off, strapping on my boxing gloves and moving forward.  I won't give up without a fight.
The car can be fixed.  My hubby is safe.  My son is healing well from his brain injury.  My daughter didn't get hurt in her accident.  My dad is doing well.  Our financial problems will work themselves out in time.  My middle son can go back to the doctor for more tests if things don't improve.  My husband has great doctors that will biopsy his growth and then tell us what needs to be done.  When I look at my problems in that way instead of how I did yesterday, it doesn't seem so bad. It all seems manageable.

A little perspective is a good thing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Surrender.

I give up.  I surrender.  Seriously.  Enough is enough. 

What a Summer this has been.  A Summer I would rather put behind me.  I don't mean to be a Donna-Downer today for this post, but honestly, I need to vent.

Since May here are the things that have happened:

1.  My fourth child had to be flown by Life Flight to Primary Children's Hospital and have a week long stay there with a Traumatic Brain Injury.

2.  My third child is having blood-pressure issues that don't seem to be getting any better.

3.  My daughter backed my hubby's car into a truck.

4.  My father was rear-ended by a drunk driver and his truck was a complete loss.  He had a concussion and whiplash.

5.  MAJOR financial struggles because of a home we cannot seem to unload, hospital bills, car issues, all that fun stuff.   I won't give more details than that, but it has not been a good few weeks.  Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel soon for this one.

6.  My hubby being sent to a cardiologist last week for chest pains.

7.  My hubby having a growth on his knee that needs to be biopsied.  (An appointment for that in the next week or two)

8.  This morning my husband was on his way to work and hit a deer.  Major damage to the car.  When my phone rang at 5:45 am this morning, I knew it couldn't be good news.  He is fine though, thank goodness!

I have always believed that the struggles we go through in life are to help teach us something.  I am trying hard to learn whatever it is that I need to learn.  I am just hoping I can learn whatever it is I need to before anything else happens.  Please.

Waving the white flag here.  I surrender.  Things have to get better.  Right?

Now to put a smile :) on my face and pretend that everything is okay.  Because that's what I do, so that I can make it through another day :)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Happy List.

What's on my happy list this week???

Well of course it would be this:
My hubby and my middle son and I, all look forward to watching the Tour de France every July. For those of you who wonder if I watch it even when Lance isn't in it, the answer is a resounding YES! :) I love the tour with or without him. (Even though it is a bit better WITH him!).

Migraine medicine is something I am grateful for this week.  When it is "that time of the month" for me (sorry if this is TMI, but it is my blog, haha!) I get HORRIBLE migraines.  I am actually suffering from one right now and it is a doosey!  So, I am HAPPY for medicine that helps with the pain.
I am also VERY grateful for central air conditioning this week.  We have had several days that have been 115 degrees this week.  It is HOT.  Thank goodness my house is cool.

Those are my top three this week. Of course I am always grateful for my hubby, kids, home, and all of that good stuff ;)

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010


My youngest son.  He is 10.  He is so funny sometimes.  I wonder where he comes up with the things he says.  I would love to get into that brain of his and see just exactly how it works.

Our conversation a few minutes ago:

Him- "Mom, man, I am sweaty.  I have decided to start exercising."
Me- "Really?  Wow.  Sounds like fun."
Him- "Did you see me lifting weights for like 30 minutes and then running for like 15?"
Me- (smiling to myself because it was more like 5 min total) "Yes, I did.  Good job."
Him- (lifting up his shirt and sticking his fingers under his armpits, yes, his armpits) "Sheesh!  It is like a freakin' waterfall under there!"

A waterfall?  Wow!  He must be the sweatiest 10 year old ever!  Haha!  I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.  I never know what he will say next.  At least he keeps me laughing.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What The???

I often wonder how some people make their way through this world.  You really have to question it at times.

This was in an actual newspaper in San Fransisco:
What?  Seriously?  Dude, how do you survive in this world on a daily basis?  Just wondering.   

Monday, July 12, 2010

Time For Chores?

This morning after breakfast I informed my kids that it was time to go and do their chores.  So, off they went.  Or did they???  Around 11-ish, I noticed how quiet my house was.  My house is RARELY quiet. 

So, I decided that the kids certainly must be busily organizing their bedrooms and so that is why the house was so quiet.  Right?  Wrong.

I entered the first bedroom to check on my hard working youngest child, and this is what I found. . .
Hmmmm, interesting.  I made my way upstairs to find my middle son doing this. . .
I guess chores will have to be done later.  I do love Summer, but I do miss being on a schedule with school.  For now they can sleep.  I guess Summer will be over soon enough.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old Church Pew.

Ever since I saw this:
I have been wanting one of these:
I don't know when I will find it.  I don't know where I will find it.  But, someday I will find it :)  The only church pew I found that was all wood was in Texas.  Hmmm, I somehow don't think my hubby is going to want to drive all the way to Austin to pick up an old church pew that only costs $150. 

Someday.  Someday.  Someday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Proud New Owner?

What prey-tell am I the new owner of????  Well, I am the owner of a lovely handmade wooden toolbox.  However, this particular toolbox has a story behind it.

Over the weekend the hubby and I decided to clean out the garage.  Our new home doesn't have a basement and so we no longer have a storage room.  Where has all of our "storage" stuff (AKA junk) been stashed?  Well, in the garage of course!  We have a three car garage that we can barely squeeze one car in to.  So, we felt the need to declutter.

Declutter we did!  We made piles of stuff to take to D.I. (a thrift store).  Piles of stuff for the garbage.  Piles of stuff to store.  Well, you get the idea.  We were on a roll.  The back of my Honda Pilot was FILLED to the BRIM with our items for donations.  Ahhhhhhh.  Such a nice feeling.  We get rid of stuff and others can benefit from it as well.

Yesterday morning I drove my Pilot over to the local D.I. and they cleared out my boxes of stuff.  Smiling contently, I was on my way home feeling footloose and clutter free!

Today I took my son to lunch.  The place we decided to eat at was right across the street from D.I.  I decided to pop on in and see what treasures I could find.  I have been on the look out for a short square coffee table that I can use to make into an ottoman for my family room.  I figured since we were right there, I may as well just pop on in and see if one had been donated.  Nope.  No such luck today.

On our way out, all of a sudden my son (who is 10) was grasping my side and quietly sobbing into my shirt.  I was trying to figure out what on earth just happened.  I tried to ask him what was wrong.  Did he get hurt?  What was the deal?  Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.  What?  Well, sitting on the shelf of the store was his wooden toolbox.  Yep.  The very one that was in my stuff that I donated yesterday.
 What are the chances?  Not very likely I would have to assume.  If I had known that it meant so much to him, I never would have gotten rid of the thing.  Anywho, so being the kind, loving, patient, crazy mother that I am, I scooped it up and went and stood in line.

The whole time I was thinking, "Who in their right mind goes into the thrift store and PAYS to buy something back that they just donated the day before?".  Me.  I do.

At least my son is happy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's HOT!

Summer is finally here.  The temperature outside proves that!  Actually, to be honest Summer is flying by WAY too fast!  I am not sure I am ready for July to be here.  That means it is only about 6 weeks before I am back into school again.  ACK!  I can't think about it because I am enjoying my freedom from school WAY TOO MUCH!

Not a whole lot going on.  We had a great Girls Night Out at our "Twi-fest" earlier this week.  I will post pics from that night in the next day or two.  I think a great time was had by all.  The movie is great and I want to go and see it again when things slow down at the theater.

We mailed out the invites for my parents annual luau yesterday.  Wanna see what they look like?  Well, then I guess you better CLICK HERE :)

Other than that, not much else besides the HOT HOT sun in this beautiful desert that I live in.