Thursday, July 15, 2010


My youngest son.  He is 10.  He is so funny sometimes.  I wonder where he comes up with the things he says.  I would love to get into that brain of his and see just exactly how it works.

Our conversation a few minutes ago:

Him- "Mom, man, I am sweaty.  I have decided to start exercising."
Me- "Really?  Wow.  Sounds like fun."
Him- "Did you see me lifting weights for like 30 minutes and then running for like 15?"
Me- (smiling to myself because it was more like 5 min total) "Yes, I did.  Good job."
Him- (lifting up his shirt and sticking his fingers under his armpits, yes, his armpits) "Sheesh!  It is like a freakin' waterfall under there!"

A waterfall?  Wow!  He must be the sweatiest 10 year old ever!  Haha!  I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.  I never know what he will say next.  At least he keeps me laughing.



  1. So funny! I love the things that come out of kids mouths.

  2. LOL That sounds like my brother!! They are so funny.

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  3. So funny!

  4. I got a really good giggle out of this post. I don't have children (we've decided that our children will be furry with 4 legs), so I always love hearing these kinds of stories!

    I'll happily follow for more giggles,

    Wiggles & Giggles,
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  6. Hi, following from the Blog Hop. Cute conversation. Today mines said - after a cheeky statement she made earlier "That's my attitude showing." She's three. XO - Rachel from

  7. Love the look of your blog! Over from Follow are great! The other day my youngest daughter was sad & I said - honey, you are beautiful..."I know THAT mom!" Apparently I missed the point :)

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  9. LOL...Im not sure if I posted the right comment on your blog as I am visiting several at the same time. LOL is the one that is meant for your blog...
    A lot of kids love waterfalls...and they do have some interesting sayings.

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  10. Too Cute!

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  11. newest follower. such a cute mommy-son follow back if you can

  12. That was great. My husband sweats like that too. Sometimes it looks like a hose has been on him.
    I found you at the 40 and over blog follow.