Sunday, February 28, 2010

To Dad. Love, Kameron.

Teenagers make life interesting! Need I say more?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something Other Than. . .

. . .house pics.

I haven't been able to get pics of the outside of the house now that it is 100% complete. Every time we go over there, the front of the house is blocked by construction vehicles. I am going to try and sneak over there tomorrow and see if I can snap a picture or two, or three, or four ;)

Life is crazy busy. Way busier than I thought that it would be. But, what do I expect? We are in the middle of having a home built, I am in school full-time, Bryan is busy with work, we are getting ready to move, and next week is mid-terms. WHEW! I get tired just thinking about everything.

I really think that I wouldn't know what to do with myself if my life wasn't insanely busy ALL of the time. Maybe I would get bored. Or maybe not! It looks like I won't know for a while though. I still have 2 more semesters of school and then I have to student teach, so life will continue to be ultra crazy for a while. Then I will keep my fingers crossed that I will actually be able to find a job once I am through all of this madness :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saturday is IT!

Here is the front with the railing on the balcony: (They still haven't painted the doors, but they will be the same color as the garage doors.). Getting ready to stain the railing going upstairs:
My solar-tube in the master closet :)

My beadboard-distressed-extra-long-Island:
The builder called today and said that we will be ready for the final walk-thru on Saturday. CRAZY! If they really do get finished by Saturday that will mean that it only took 31 days to build our house. InsAnE!!!

We have watched carefully and there have been no corners that have been cut. Everything so far has exceeded our expectations. It has been amazing to watch the home go up so fast.

We never expected to build a new home. Given the fact that we have had so many issues getting our house up north sold and stuff, we are feeling very blessed to be building this home.

Life has many twists and turns and you never know where it will take you. A year ago when we were going through everything with Bryan's job change and stuff, we often wondered how humble we had to get before things started to look up for us. It has been a crazy year and we still have a few hurdles to overcome, but we are feeling very happy that we have a place that we can stay put and call home for a VERY LONG time!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Closer!

It is getting closer to being done! I can't wait until the exterior doors are painted to match the garage doors. That will help tie it all together :)

I took a picture of the kitchen at it is right now; however, it won't be that way for long. They were supposed to put a distressed black cabinet in for the Island, but they didn't. They matched it to the cabinets. They will change that out this week and then install our granite countertops. Can't wait!

They told us that we should be ready to close/move-in within 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. Hardly seems possible!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 21

It has been 21 days since we officially had our building permit. Yes, in 21 short days our home has gone from nothing to this:

The color coat of stucco is on and all of our trim and doors are painted. The driveway has been poured, and everything is ready for the walls to be painted tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast this is going!!! Crazy!

We are getting excited to move into our new house! I am not looking forward to the packing and unpacking, but I am SO excited to finally feel a little bit settled again!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Worlds WORST Tooth Fairy!

Today in one of my classes, we were talking about children's books. Somehow we got on the subject of tooth fairies.

I always have to hang my head in shame when that subject comes up. Seriously, if they ever gave out an award for the worlds worst tooth fairy, my husband and I would win HANDS DOWN!

Our tooth fairy skills were pretty good with our first son. At least for his first few teeth. We would remember to sneak into his room at night and carefully lift the tooth from under his pillow and leave a dollar. That didn't last long. . .

Hey, what can I say, our tooth fairy became tired and overworked. She would forget about the tooth that had been placed under the pillow all the time! One time we told our son to place his tooth under the pillow again the next night and FOR SURE she would come. She probably just had so many teeth the night before that she didn't get to his. Guess what? She forgot the SECOND night too!

Bad tooth fairy!

The other times when it happened, either my husband or myself would distract the child with a comment like, "I guess you woke up too early and she hasn't been to our house yet" or some other excuse while one of us ran into the bedroom and placed a dollar under the pillow and then said, "Maybe you should go and check now" ;) It worked for a while.

After a while it just became a joke between my husband and I. It was comical. We didn't set out to be bad tooth fairies. We never intentionally forgot, we just failed in this area of parenting. By the time my kids got a bit older and wiser and had caught on to the fact that their tooth fairy was lame, when they would lose a tooth, they would just hand it to me and say, "Can I just have my money now?". ROTFL! Seriously. Bad tooth fairy!

Sorry kids!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For My Hubby

My hubby asked if I was going to post pics on my blog tonight of the progress on the house. I told him I wasn't planning on it, but since the pictures are the only thing that keeps him up to date on the progress of the house during the week, I figured I would post some for him.

Today they finished up the drywall, applied the tape and first coat of mud, put the grey stucco coat on, cut out the sidewalk in preparation for the driveway, and delivered the rock for the exterior of the house.

They are progressing just as promised each day!

Above, each of the boys is showing off their new bedrooms. They are all excited to be back in a house where everyone has their own bedroom again. I will be glad because when I tell them to clean their bedrooms, they can't blame the mess on anyone but themself! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

House Update!!!

This is what happened to our house in about 1 week's time:

Tonight they were finishing the drywall inside. Tomorrow they are scheduled to tape/mud and put the grey coat of stucco on the outside. They started the grey coat today, but had to stop because the rain was so heavy.

I really can't believe that the house is going up so fast!

I am happy to announce that I was able to post pictures because I FINALLY got my laptop back! WOOT! SOOOOOOO happy not to be sharing a computer with my kiddos anymore!!!

Now I can be back to posting on my blog again :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

No Laptop = No Pictures :(

My laptop is STILL being repaired. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get it back tomorrow. I have been sharing a computer with my kiddos for over a week now. Not only does it mean no pictures for my blog, it means that I have to fight for computer time in order to do my homework. I am pretty picked on, I know ;)

Our house if FLYING along! Seriously! The framing is done. The electrical is finished. The plumbing is done. The HVAC is complete. The tubs are in place. The exterior doors and windows are in. The roof is felted and the wood strips are in place. They are supposed to be loading the roof tiles tomorrow. The inside is waiting for an inspection of the electrical and plumbing and then insulation and sheetrock can come next.

Friday I met the builder over there and he said that the are shooting for three weeks from now to be 100% complete. What?!? Craziness!!! They want to have all 20 homes in our neighborhood finished within 60 days. WOW! I know that the starving contractors are loving every minute of it. They haven't had this much work in a LONG time.

Hopefully I will have my computer back and can post some pics tomorrow!

Guess it's time for some homework :) Weekends go by WAY too fast!