Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Worlds WORST Tooth Fairy!

Today in one of my classes, we were talking about children's books. Somehow we got on the subject of tooth fairies.

I always have to hang my head in shame when that subject comes up. Seriously, if they ever gave out an award for the worlds worst tooth fairy, my husband and I would win HANDS DOWN!

Our tooth fairy skills were pretty good with our first son. At least for his first few teeth. We would remember to sneak into his room at night and carefully lift the tooth from under his pillow and leave a dollar. That didn't last long. . .

Hey, what can I say, our tooth fairy became tired and overworked. She would forget about the tooth that had been placed under the pillow all the time! One time we told our son to place his tooth under the pillow again the next night and FOR SURE she would come. She probably just had so many teeth the night before that she didn't get to his. Guess what? She forgot the SECOND night too!

Bad tooth fairy!

The other times when it happened, either my husband or myself would distract the child with a comment like, "I guess you woke up too early and she hasn't been to our house yet" or some other excuse while one of us ran into the bedroom and placed a dollar under the pillow and then said, "Maybe you should go and check now" ;) It worked for a while.

After a while it just became a joke between my husband and I. It was comical. We didn't set out to be bad tooth fairies. We never intentionally forgot, we just failed in this area of parenting. By the time my kids got a bit older and wiser and had caught on to the fact that their tooth fairy was lame, when they would lose a tooth, they would just hand it to me and say, "Can I just have my money now?". ROTFL! Seriously. Bad tooth fairy!

Sorry kids!


  1. Ok, you win! I hope I can keep up the GOOD Tooth Fairy for a while.

  2. ROFL!! That is TOTALLY US! I keep having to get more and more creative with my excuses, and I can see my children's faith in the beloved tooth fairy go down in flames. Just last night Koby put a paper under his pillow- he had drawn a pic of his tooth since he lost it (he was crushed! but I told him the tooth fairy "knows" he lost his tooth and to stick it under his pillow anyway). Anyway, Benji had to hurry and while Koby was preoccupied with something else, quickly snagged the note and stuck the money under the pillow. Score! We didn't even have to set our alarm in the middle of the night. ;) Cute post!