Tuesday, February 9, 2010

House Update!!!

This is what happened to our house in about 1 week's time:

Tonight they were finishing the drywall inside. Tomorrow they are scheduled to tape/mud and put the grey coat of stucco on the outside. They started the grey coat today, but had to stop because the rain was so heavy.

I really can't believe that the house is going up so fast!

I am happy to announce that I was able to post pictures because I FINALLY got my laptop back! WOOT! SOOOOOOO happy not to be sharing a computer with my kiddos anymore!!!

Now I can be back to posting on my blog again :)


  1. Holy crazy with the house! I still can't believe how fast it is going up. Can't wait to see it when "YOU" are done with it.

    So happy you have your laptop back.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pics as the house keeps progressing! :) :)