Sunday, February 7, 2010

No Laptop = No Pictures :(

My laptop is STILL being repaired. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get it back tomorrow. I have been sharing a computer with my kiddos for over a week now. Not only does it mean no pictures for my blog, it means that I have to fight for computer time in order to do my homework. I am pretty picked on, I know ;)

Our house if FLYING along! Seriously! The framing is done. The electrical is finished. The plumbing is done. The HVAC is complete. The tubs are in place. The exterior doors and windows are in. The roof is felted and the wood strips are in place. They are supposed to be loading the roof tiles tomorrow. The inside is waiting for an inspection of the electrical and plumbing and then insulation and sheetrock can come next.

Friday I met the builder over there and he said that the are shooting for three weeks from now to be 100% complete. What?!? Craziness!!! They want to have all 20 homes in our neighborhood finished within 60 days. WOW! I know that the starving contractors are loving every minute of it. They haven't had this much work in a LONG time.

Hopefully I will have my computer back and can post some pics tomorrow!

Guess it's time for some homework :) Weekends go by WAY too fast!


  1. Holy Smokes!! *eyes buggin'* That's amazing! Totally awesome! Does this mean you'll be able to watch General Conference in your new home? :)

  2. Still can't believe you don't have your laptop back yet. Hope you get it tomorrow.