Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I LOVE Thursday.

(I am swiping this post from my craft blog PAISLEY PASSIONS and posting it here today.  Just because it made me happy to post it once, so it should make me twice as happy if I post it twice, right?)  ;)

Let's see.  What am I loving this week???  (I always feel I need to add a disclaimer here that says, yes, my family, home, food on the table, all that good stuff is ALWAYS on my list.  Even if I don't list them).

I am still LOVING that the Tour de France is on.  It will be over on Sunday.  *SIGH*  Now I don't know what I will do with my LONG HOT Summer afternoons when I don't have the Tour to watch :)
 I am loving that my Hubby didn't get hurt when he hit the deer with his car on his way out of town on Monday.  The car isn't so lucky.  At least my hubby was.
 I am loving that we planted three palm trees in our backyard.  We still need grass, a fence, and other stuff, but at least we got started!
 I am loving that I got started on my Craft Room Organization project.  I will love it even MORE when it is done :)  I will share pics of the finished project.  I promise!

What are you loving this week???



  1. Hi there! I'm your newest follower!

    I thought it was funny how you thought you needed the disclaimer that yes, you love your family, home, etc...My blog is called This Mom Loves, and when I interview women and ask them what they love, they always feel the need to do the same. Often I have to say "yeah, yeah, I know you love your kids, but what else??"

    Have a great day!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves

  2. Just started following via Traveling through Thursday!

    Big Tour de France family...been watching about 18-19 yrs!

    Your craft room is going to be FAB!!

    Stop by and say hi - have a blessed day:)

  3. Wish I had a craft room to organize, yours looks great.
    I am a new follow from Buzz on by.

  4. Hi im a new follower from Buzz Thursday. Wow about the deer. Thank goodness your hubby wasn't hurt. Have a great Thursday.

  5. Oh, man. What a bummer about the deer! Thank goodness no one was hurt! Its still scary to hit something like that. I wish we lived in a climate where we could have palm trees! Well, considering we are apartment dwellers, they would have to be porch trees but still!

    Amy @

  6. I am loving that I am almost finished deep cleaning the house and that some friends are coming over on Saturday for a BBQ.

  7. I was confused for a minute. I kept looking at this and paisley passions and finally gathered that you write them both. So I'm following you here too.

  8. already a follower. glad husband is ok. those deer don't know how to read a stop sign. have a good day

  9. Thanks for joining Admirer Monday! Looking forward to seeing you link up next week. Have a great night!

  10. I'm a new follower from Follow Friday. I, too, have been wondering what I was going to do when the Tour is over. I've watched it several times a day since it started. Poor Lance!
    I love the idea of palm trees. We may be too far north (Augusta, GA) to grow them. I wonder.

  11. just started following from Follow Friday! Can't wait to read more!
    Look Who's Cooking Now

  12. Le tour de France is pretty nice :)
    This week the house is looking better and better...We just moved :)
    Trying to figure out where to put what has been a challenge.
    Like your blog!
    Come follow me back. I am your newest follower.
    Happy social parade!

  13. Hello Lori, i'm already following you but i just thought i should drop by and say hello! Also we have a brand new blog-hop... no rules just fun and would love you to join in:) Oh and if you need any blog help or easy HTML tips, you know where to come!Happy Friday!

  14. Following through Traveling Through Thursday Blog Hop!

  15. Stopping by from Follow Me Chickadee. It's good that your hubs was okay from his run-in with the deer - Bambi can really do some damage when you hit them! I'm your newest follower! Come check out my blog if you get a chance :)

  16. following both blogs now ;)
    thank you for hopping with me and sharing the iFiH-badge

  17. Found you at Friday Follow 40 and Over. Sorry you had such a bad day a few days ago. Hope everyone is healthy!

    Little Tots Big Ideas

  18. Happy that your hubby is okay...sorry about your car! Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)


  19. So glad to find your blog....enjoyed my stop..

    Have a few hours to blog hop....Love nights like this.......Hope you will stop giveaway on my holiday blog...A BOOK EXTRAVAGANZA!

  20. Messy or not I love your crafts room, so much space...
    We are renting a teeny tiny house right now and I barely have a spot to set my lap top down... (kind of exaggerating)LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  21. New Follower ~ Have a great weekend!

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  23. Newest follower here from friday follow.. sorry a bit late, but it's been one of those weeks.. lol.. hope you will stop by, now, I'm off to read and lurk some more...

  24. Found you from the bolg hop, I am a new follower!