Monday, July 12, 2010

Time For Chores?

This morning after breakfast I informed my kids that it was time to go and do their chores.  So, off they went.  Or did they???  Around 11-ish, I noticed how quiet my house was.  My house is RARELY quiet. 

So, I decided that the kids certainly must be busily organizing their bedrooms and so that is why the house was so quiet.  Right?  Wrong.

I entered the first bedroom to check on my hard working youngest child, and this is what I found. . .
Hmmmm, interesting.  I made my way upstairs to find my middle son doing this. . .
I guess chores will have to be done later.  I do love Summer, but I do miss being on a schedule with school.  For now they can sleep.  I guess Summer will be over soon enough.


  1. Hello! I am a new follower from Tuesday Tag Along, so glad to have found your great blog. I look forward to reading more. Hope you have a wonderful day!


  2. Ha! My son's 18, and this is still pretty much the way he does "chores"...Joining from FMBT!

  3. I remember those days when mine were still at home. LOL!

  4. HAHA!! That's too funny!! Mine are all when I hear usually means they are "getting into things" I kinda wish it meant that they were just sleeping!!LOL

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  5. I'm a new follower from FMBT. I had to join. Your blog is fun. Yes, sometimes quiet is a blessing and sometimes quiet just means that no work is getting done...too funny. Happy Tuesday!

  6. thank you for visiting and following. i'm following you back :)