Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old Church Pew.

Ever since I saw this:
I have been wanting one of these:
I don't know when I will find it.  I don't know where I will find it.  But, someday I will find it :)  The only church pew I found that was all wood was in Texas.  Hmmm, I somehow don't think my hubby is going to want to drive all the way to Austin to pick up an old church pew that only costs $150. 

Someday.  Someday.  Someday.


  1. Oh wow! That looks really neat, I hope you can find one :o)

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  2. That would be so cool.
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  3. I see this sometimes and they are neat! I actually owned one for all of one weekend. My sister was moving and left it out on her front porch for me to pick up. I paid her $40 and it was a long pew that would have made several little benches!! I went to go pick it up and it was gone. Someone had snagged it. Drats.

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  4. My uncle got a pew like that from a church that was being restored, he refinished it beautifully and has it in their front entryway, they definitely have a lot of character don't they?

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  6. I would TOTALLY drive you to Austin to pick up a pew. When I was on my mission (in TX) there were some ladies who would roadtrip through the south every summer and stop in little antique shops in even smaller towns. They found the COOLEST stuff. I've always wanted to do that. . . I bet we'd find a pew.

  7. Austin is pretty cool, I think you should go!

  8. I am sincerely wishing that you’ve already found a church pew by now. Soooo, is it a yes? Haha. A church pew in white or cream paint would be lovely. This way, it’ll be easy for you to match and mix the cushion and the pillows. But because the pew is already light, vibrant and striking colors will be your best options in choosing pillow covers.

    Earnestine Kettering