Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Sir.

Dear Sir,

I am glad that you decided to take your wife/girlfriend/date to the movies. I do realize that the movie theater was semi-full.  However, I feel the need to tell you that for whatever reason in this world we have decided that it is common courtesy to leave one chair between yourself and a stranger.

Yes, I do realize that there are times when the theater is so packed that you cannot avoid the situation and you must sit right next to a stranger.  When this is not the case, please don't plop down next to a stranger and then use the arm rest that his/her drink is sitting in as though you own it.  Did your mother never teach you any manners?

You see dear sir, I only get to go see movies on a rare occasion because my hubby does not like to go.  So, when I do go to a movie it is a real treat.  I kind of like my personal space when it is possible.  If you by chance read this letter, please be aware of this and don't do it again.  Thank you.



  1. Don't you just hate that? I think that's a huge reason why we don't go any more than we do. That and the $$$.
    I love open letters like this.

  2. LOL, I am right with you! I hate people sitting next to me!

  3. I never had that happen but sounds creepy. I guess that is why I wait till the DVD comes out.

  4. LOL! Funny letter. It is so true. There is an understood unspoken rule to seating. Even in waiting rooms at the doctor's office this rule applies. Kind of funny and so obvious when someone doesn't have the social skills to know the rules :)

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  9. very cute. yes it can be a problem if someone sits near or in front of you at the movies. have a good day.

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  11. Oh, this annoys me to no end, as do loud rud obnoxious idiots. yeah, i don't go to the movies much. lol.

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  13. I am already following you but i just though ti should stop by and say hello! I hate when people invade my personal space too.. it's actually a common practice here in Germany.. they stay so close to you in the tram station, checkout lines, doctor's office.. even in the bank where you should keep the distance when i am cashing out of my ATM... they stay so close as they could breath in your moth.. i hate that and i always ask people to back off a little.. they look strange at me and some even react as i insult them.. but come on it's common sense for crying out loud.. right??? back me up on this one gall:)

    Happy Wednesday!

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  18. LOL..Great post, my man and I try our best to find seats away from the strangers. I'm following you from FMBT.

  19. LOL so true leave a seat unless its a sold out show
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  23. I'm a new follower and really enjoyed this post! I guess I should be thankful to live an area with the theater is never more than 1/8 of capacity because it would totally creep me out to have a stranger touching my drink... You go girl!

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  24. I would have gotten up, went to the snackbar then found a new seat! All the way grumbling! Thanks for participating in Fancy Meeting You. Rita from One 2 Try