Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just Stuff.

As you can see, I haven't posted Homecoming pics yet.  I need to get around to doing that soon!  I got back late last night from my girls weekend at the Scrapbook Expo.  It is always a great weekend of staying up too late, eating WAY too much, laughing, talking, shopping, and scrapbooking with my friends.  I look forward to it every Fall and Spring.  So, glad I have a hubby who doesn't mind me sneaking away for one weekend every six months to hang out with my friends!

Now I am back to reality and know that school is waiting for me.  I have a ton of homework.  Lesson plans that need to be written, chapters that need to be read, papers that need to be written, and a presentation that needs to be prepared.  I am going to have a LONG day of playing "catch-up" tomorrow.  It was still worth it to spend the weekend having some fun :)

It was great to talk with my friend Joette this weekend.  She helped breathe new life into my desire to finish up in the Elementary Ed program.  I have been feeling very frustrated with some of my classes.  It honestly seems as though you never hear anything good about the public school system.  We are constantly told we won't get paid much, we have no freedom with our lessons anymore, the school system is broken, the kids are worse than they were in years past, we aren't going to be able to find jobs and if we do luck out and find a job, well, good luck keeping it.  It is frustrating and well, really quite depressing!  I am just so glad to have spent the weekend with Joette, who has been involved with the education system for about 10 years now, both public and private systems.  She told me about all the great experiences she has had and all the other opportunities that are out there for someone with a degree in Education.  It was a breath of fresh air and probably just what I needed to help push me through a little bit longer.  So, THANKS JOETTE!

This is the first week that we are back on our normal schedules.  The kids in school, me in school, and Bryan back to work after his knee surgery.  He is still on crutches, but, was able to drive himself back up to work tonight.  Our lives have been a bit topsy-turvey for several months now.  It will be good to get back on a schedule and just push forward until whatever it is that life can throw at us next!  :) 

One thing is for certain, our lives are NEVER boring!  :)

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  1. You're amazing Lori! Just thought you should know!