Sunday, September 5, 2010


My poor blog has been neglected as of late.  Sorry about that.  There really are quite a few reasons why actually.

*I am back in school full time.  It always puts my schedule into a bit a whirlwind the first few weeks when I am trying to get settled back into the swing of classes, practicum, and homework.  *My hubby had knee surgery.  It has been hard for him being so immobile.  I know that he is frustrated by the things he can't do on his own.  He will be on crutches for a month and then physical therapy and stuff after that.  *Last, my CRAFT BLOG.  It has taken off and grown by leaps and bounds lately.  Because of that, when I do have spare time, I seem to be over there taking care of things and not over here writing about what's on my mind.

Hopefully I will be back and posting normally when life gets a little less crazy!  I have some fun Homecoming pics to post of my daughter.  She went to the Homecoming dance last night and seemed to have a great time :)  I also have a trip to the Scrapbook Expo coming up next weekend that is sure to mean some fun pics are coming.

Enough for now.  Hope to be back later tonight or in the morning with the Homecoming pictures!


  1. Hi... I'm your newest follower.

  2. Well, I'm not feeling neglected. Seems like everyone has been busier than they've been in recent weeks. BAck to school, change of seasons, back to routines. I, for sure, will be right here when you get back. I can't wait to see homecoming pictures.

  3. Hang in there, school is for sure a lot to handle! You will be so happy when you have a job next year!!! Where are you doing your practicum?