Friday, November 19, 2010

Life As We Know It.

A friend and I went to see the movie: Life As We Know It.  I loved the movie.  It was corny and predictable, yet, heartwarming and fun.  If you haven't seen it, it is probably worth seeing.

Anyway, during the movie, I became infatuated  OBSESSED with their house.  Honestly, if there were such a thing as a perfect home for me, this would be it!  I LOVE it!

After the movie, I came home and did some digging to find pics of the house to share.  I also discovered that the home is for sale, and if I had a mere $1.5 million dollars laying around, that the home could be mine.  Oh, man!  If only I could win the lottery!  Haha!  Or, if anyone would like to donate to my cause of buying the perfect home, I would gladly accept donations.  Ha!  :)

Here are some pics:
Front of House
Family Room
Front Room
Breakfast Nook

Master Bath
The Real Kitchen
Kitchen Used in the Movie
Screened Porch
Back of House
 I wish I could pack my bags and move in TODAY!  If only!   Oh well, at least I can take some of the ideas used to decorate this perfect house and implement them in decorating my own home.  Then I can pretend that I have a house as perfect as this one ;)

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  1. You are silly! I'm sure your house looks just as fabulous as this one! I didn't even pay attention to the house when I saw the movie, but you are is gorgeous. Too bad it's 1.5 mil.