Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not Gonna Lie.

I am not going to lie, 2010 was not the greatest.  It was a year of hospitals, surgeries, traumatic brain injury, biopsies, financial hardships, hospital bills and more hospital bills, stress, highs and lows, ups and downs. 

When we survived the trials of 2009, I thought for sure that 2010 just had to be better. . .it really wasn't.  However, that being said, it was the year that we were able to build our "forever" home, and for that I will be forever grateful.

"Forever" Home
Why do we call it our "Forever" Home?  Well, because this is it.  We are done feeling transient. We have moved more than anyone should ever have to move in a lifetime.  This home will be our home base from now until we are no longer alive.  The sacrifices we made to get this home and the humbling circumstances that occurred in order to build it, have helped us realize that no matter what life throws at us, this will always be home.

My kids will finish growing up with this as their home.  My grandkids will visit me here.  Memories will be made here, and soon the trials and tribulations of 2009-2010 will all be a distant memory.  In hindsight, perhaps we will be able to see how 2009-2010 helped us to become better, stronger, more humble people.  Maybe, just maybe, at some point we will even be grateful for the things we have endured.  Trials help to soften us, make our edges smooth, and help us realize what is truly important.

Here is looking forward to a great 2011.  Full of humility, thankfulness, love, and happiness!



  1. Your words are very wise. I believe what you said is true. Your home is wonderful.

  2. I think you should post pictures of the INSIDE too! Your home is absolutely beautiful and I LOVE the idea of a forever home. Very cool :)