Sunday, February 13, 2011


INAV.  I just made up my own acronym.  What does it stand for?

Week after week of the same old thing makes me feel like I am going crazy!  I feel more and more like I can relate to this:

Want to know what a day in my life is like?  Well, here is a sampling. . .

Monday- Homework day.  This day usually entails about 12 solid hours of homework.

Tuesday- 7am-2pm college classes.  2pm-4pm preparations for weekly youth activity at my church. 4pm-5pm dinner preparations.  6pm Presidency meeting.  7pm-9pm youth activity.  9pm-11pm homework.  Yes, Tuesdays are CRAZY!

Wednesday- 7am-2pm practicum.  3pm-6pm homework.  6pm-7pm dinner.  After dinner- homework (as needed) and catch up on the housework a little bit.

Thursday- 7am-2pm college classes. 2pm-bed: run the kids where they need to be, start to clean up the mess in the house from the week of craziness.  Laundry is usually pretty out of control at this point.

Friday- Clean house and do laundry all day!  It takes me ALL day to get caught back up!  Then I pretty much crash and burn after a week of insanity.

Saturday- Run errands and get ready for the new week.

Sunday- Church meetings.  Homework.  Prepare to start the week all over again.

This has pretty much been my life the past year and a half.  Last week I told someone that I feel like my life is like the movie "Groundhog Day", except instead of living the same day over and over, I am living the same week over and over and over and over. . . I am getting burned out.  I need a break.  I guess that I will have one as soon as Summer gets here.

Too bad I won't have any money to go and do something fun!  Oh well, at least having a break from the monotony of school will be nice.

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