Monday, April 18, 2011

Coupon Mania!

Yep.  I have jumped on the coupon bandwagon.  I know. I know.  I really do know how some people feel about "couponers".  I was the same way myself.  I thought it wasn't worth the effort and I thought that only "poor" people used coupons.  Boy was I wrong on both accounts!

I have only been using coupons since the first of March.  So, it is all pretty new to me.  However, I have to say that I am AMAZED at how much money I save.  Actually,  I am pretty darn mad that I have EVER paid full price for some of the items I have paid full price for over the years!

Today was pretty fun.  I ended up scoring 8 FREE bottles of body wash and some other screaming deals!

Here is my loot from today:

There are some pretty high ticket items in there, like the body wash ($4.99 each, regular price), deodorant ($3.54 each, regular price), and the Olay  Regenerist Face Wash ($5.99 each, regular price), the Connect-4 Game ($19.95 regular price).  

The retail price of the items I purchased to day was, are you ready for it?  It was, $131.72.  Yep.  In years past, that is exactly what I would have paid for it too.

Today?  Well, today, I paid a total of $23.64.  Yes indeed!  I saved just over 83% on my purchases today.  I am pretty happy about it too :)  Especially since none of the stores in my area double coupons.  If they did, my total would have been MUCH less than that!

So, basically I got all of the items above for only $3.69 more than what I would have just paid for the Connect-4 game alone!

It is definitely the thrill of the hunt when I go shopping now.  I try and see how low I can get that total to go before I walk out the door.

The cashier was pretty impressed today.  He gave me my first total, and then when I handed him my coupons and he finished the final total he said, "Holy cow!  That's crazy!"  I just smiled and left the store thinking about how much money I saved and how my stash at home is growing by the minute at relatively little or no cost to my family.  Gotta love that!!!


  1. Ok so you need to have a little one on one class with ME! I really have wanted to do this, but have never done it right. You up for that?!

  2. I need a class as well! Which store did you go to?

  3. I'd be happy to! It is a learning process and I am STILL learning! I went to Target and Albertsons. I am always amazed at the coupon deals I can get at Target!