Sunday, June 12, 2011

Childhood Memories of 1400 N.

At first I thought I was going to write a poem.  Then I decided that I would just write all the memories I could think of that were tied to this childhood home.  Maybe someday I will take the list and make a poem, or write a story.  For now the random list will do.  They are in no particular order.  I just wrote down what came to mind as it came to mind.

901 W 1400 N

Light Blue Ford
Gold Mustang
The Ericksen's
Baby Bryan
The Hones
Picking dandelions
Finding ladybugs by the stream
Searching for four leaf clovers
Sledding down derby hill
Biking down derby hill
Gene Elliot Dance Studio
Lions Park
Miniature Golf Course
Candy from the Golf Shack
Grandview Hill
Grandview Elementary
Week Day Primary
Getting my first bike
Learning to ride a bike without training wheels
Riding Bikes
Getting stitches
Big Blue Station Wagon
Blue Toyota Corolla Wagon
Orange Truck
Running through the sprinklers
Calling on the phone to find out the outside temperature
Playing dress up
The red lace dress
The light blue lace dress
Birthday parties
Clothes hanging on the line to dry
Camping at Deer Creek
Heber Creeper
Geneva Park
Geneva Steel
Starting Kindergarten
Mrs. Hawkins
Starting 1st Grade
Miss Webb
Starting 2nd Grade
Shag carpet
Deer Jerky
Big Wheels
Riding inchworm
Hippity Hops
Homemade wood stilts
Dr. Nance
Dr. John
The Christmas House
Nanette’s Beetle
Donny Osmond
Purple socks
GI Joe
Lone Ranger
Sunshine Family
Climbing the lattice arch on the patio
The Dunns
The Olsens
The Clarks
Hotel Balderdash
Santa Clause delivering gifts
White fireplace
Crystal Swag Lamps
Rubber Boots
Turquoise Jumpsuit with Red Zipper
Baby Sister
Dad's Guitar
Pleather Furniture
July 4th Parade at BIC Building
The "Limp"
Grandma moving from Colorado
Downtown JC Penney
New Kitchen Window
Losing my best friend to Orem
New neighbors
St. Bernards

I realize this list means nothing to anyone else but me.  It was pretty fun to see how many things I could think of from SO LONG ago :)  

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