Monday, December 7, 2009

Feeling a Little BAH HUMBUG!

I really do LOVE Christmas. I really do LOVE decorating for Christmas. It is just so hard to get into the holiday spirit when you don't have any spare time.

I have finals until December 18th. I can't even think about shopping for Christmas or putting up my tree and such until finals week is over. At that point, I am thinking, what is the point of decorating??? Aren't the kids just more worried about their presents than the tree and decor anyway?

All of that hard work and time spent on decorating for a holiday that is only one week away. If I can't enjoy my decorations all month, why bother???

I had an idea. Let me run it by you. In order to save myself some time and still feel like the holiday season was in our home, I decided that we could make a tree out of paper. Yes, I said paper. Cute scrapbook paper. We aren't talking some little mini version of a tree. We are talking a 6 ft + paper tree. Then I was going to tape the cute paper tree on our BIG family room window. I would give my kids some craft supplies and let them go to town decorating the paper tree. That way all I would have to do at the end of the holiday season is tear it down and throw it away.

No pulling out the boxes and boxes of Christmas stuff. No sorting through strands of lights to see which worked and which didn't. No moving furniture around in order for a tree to fit. No hours and hours of decorating the tree. No stress, no mess! It sounded pretty great to me!

Unfortunately, my kids thought that it was the worst idea ever. *SIGH*. I guess that means I will pull out my Christmas stuff and decorate. Perhaps after I do, I will feel a little less Bah Humbug.

Maybe I just need finals week to be over with and then I can feel a little more of the holiday spirit. Here's hoping!!! (I still think the paper tree was a GRAND idea!)


  1. I think the paper tree was a great idea! Hopefully you will feel more holiday-ish after those nasty tests are over! Good luck, and thanks for the thoughts on my blog! You're an inspiration to so many people!

  2. Great idea, but not sure my kids would go for it either. Good luck with finals!