Friday, December 18, 2009

I Think It Is Time.

This December has FLOWN by! I have been in school countless Decembers and have still managed to get everything ready for Christmas. This year, well, not so much.

We finally do have a tree. A real one that my daughter went up into the mountains and cut down by herself (no joke!). We haven't had a real tree in ages!!! One thing that I have found out from this is the fact that I am pretty sure that I am allergic to it. I know, it seems strange, but, ever since the tree has been in our house, I have been sneezing, my nose runs non-stop, and my throat and eyes are all itchy. When I leave the house, these symptoms seem to subside a bit. Has anyone else ever been allergic to a Christmas tree? Who would have thought?

The tree is up, undecorated, but in its spot waiting to be decorated. No presents have been bought. Lists haven't even been made. The only two things that I have accomplished this month were to get my Christmas cards sent and my neighbor gifts made and delivered. Other than that, nothing else is done!

I am finished with finals and I think it is finally time to get ready for Christmas, don't you???

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  1. Good luck! The bad thing is that it comes even if we are not ready!