Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve :)

Hope everyone is planning to have some fun tonight. We are heading to my sister's house. It will be COLD! I am sure a good time will be had.

Just wanted to share a poem that my daughter wrote. It made me smile :)

I will be back with Christmas pics and New Years pics soon.

Where I'm From
Compliments to George Ella Lyons

I am from red sands,
From brown dirt and yellow leaves,
I am from the heat of the day,
(Comforting but blistering, it symbolizes home)
I am from the oleanders,
The giant mulberry tree
Whose smell stuck to me the longer I sat in it.

I am from 4-wheelers and luaus,
From Eula Mae and Grandma Barnes,
I'm from here-we-go-agains,
And the whatever-you-can-finds,
From "Brady-slap" and "Kameron Junior"
I'm from starting lines and running shoes,
Farmville and Sunday drives.

I'm from Talking Heads records and INXS concerts,
Caffeine Free Diet Coke and "something sour"
From the dentist tools my great-grandpa made,
And the ear "Grandpa Snickers" lost in a fight.

Black and white pictures cover the walls,
Of the rickety Mount Pleasant house,
The faces crossed the plains and settled valleys,
Coming from Sweden and Wales,
I am from the light of their eyes,
A dream they had a century ago.
-Meghan Simonson


  1. That is one freaking awesome poem! You told Meg I said so. :) Just... awesome. Thanks for sharing it- makes me want to find my inner poet. :)

  2. Tell Meaghan she is one talented young lady. Grandma Herrin would be so proud of her and of course we are too. It made me smile and cry!

  3. What a great poem! Meghan is one talented and special girl. You are lucky to have her.
    Well have fun at your sisters:( We will miss you here. Next year!