Friday, January 1, 2010

Things I Learned in '09

Happy New Year!!! I cannot believe that it is 2010! Where did the past 10 years go? It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Y2K.

2009 was an interesting year for our family. It brought about a lot of changes and some challenges. I wonder what 2010 has up its sleeve for us?

Some things I learned in 2009:

1. I learned that a house is just a house and your family is what makes it a home.

2. I learned that I can survive 15 credits of classes over a Summer semester and still stay somewhat sane.

3. I learned that I can turn around and start an even more insane Fall semester and survive that as well.

4. I learned that working for someone you don't respect is a very difficult thing to do.

5. I learned that being on tv really isn't "all that and a bag of chips" ;)

6. I learned that I do LOVE being creative. (I always knew that, I just found that finding an outlet for my creativity is something that makes me happy).

7. I learned that I really, really, really hate living in the snow. It is not my friend.

8. I learned that I was accepted into the Bachelor's program for Elementary Education and will be pursuing that degree.

9. I learned that moving several times in one year really isn't all that fun to do.

10. I learned that no matter how financially stable you think you are, it can change in the blink of an eye.

11. I learned that things are just things and that it doesn't matter how big your paycheck is, you can learn to live with less.

12. I learned that my kids are the 5 best kids on this planet :D

13. I learned that my husband will support me 100% with my crazy school schedule, even if that means moving 350 miles away.

14. I learned that my husband will do whatever it takes to provide for his family.

15. I learned who some of my friends really were and some that really weren't. (Having good friends you can trust is a great thing!)

16. I learned that I can survive turning 40 even when I really don't want to.

17. I learned that letting my daughter finally get her driver's license really wasn't so bad after all ;)

18. I learned that having two of your children grow to be taller than you is a strange thing. (It is strange to discipline someone when you are looking up at them).

19. I learned that my knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ is more precious to me than I ever realized it was. It is my strength, my happiness, my foundation. Because of my beliefs, I can survive anything that is thrown my way.

20. I learned that family is the most important thing in my life. They may drive me crazy at times, but I couldn't go on without each one of them.


  1. Happy New Year!! I love your list. It truly is the people that make a house a home, I agree. xox

  2. Love your list, Lori, as always! :)

  3. I know I will experience the disciplining while looking up with at least one of my children.