Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Much. . .

A view from our lot with the results from last weeks weather. It isn't all that often that Pine Valley is covered top to bottom with snow. Doesn't it look gorgeous with the red rock below it??? Not much going on. I have been enjoying my weekend off from school and now need to get motivated to do my homework and get ready to be back full force bright and early tomorrow morning.

They are still waiting for the permit on our house, so until the city decides to get it to the builder, they can't do much more. Between that and last weeks weather we have been held up a bit. Really no worries about that though. Other than being super excited about the new house, it isn't like we are in a rush to get moved. Actually, I wish that magical fairies could come and move us and we would only need to just show up at our new house and be all moved in. That would be great!

I am posting some furniture on Craigslist this week. I want to sell the stuff that we know we won't use so that we don't have to move it. Right now I only have my couch listed. You can see it by CLICKING HERE. I have loved this couch. Seriously one of my favorites, not so much for my hubby. He doesn't like the couch at all! He hates couches covered in pillows. So, I promised him that this couch wouldn't be coming to our new house.

Soon I will be listing book cases, a BEAUTIFUL tv armoire, a leather couch and chair w/ottoman, and probably a few other items. I will post the links here when I get them listed.

Well, enough from me today! I need to get cracking on doing my homework :)


  1. Gorgeous couch! Is craigslist an auction site? Is that why you didn't list a price? I'd love to know what you're asking on the other items. Maybe you can let me know. I'm interested in the TV armoire and leather couch, etc. :)

    Oh, and that view IS amazing!

  2. So you breaking down and letting Brian win with the couch situation huh?! LOL
    Love the view from your lot. Didn't make it out there Sat. Some other time I will have to though.

  3. Congrats on the potential move! P.S. I am interested in the bookshelves... Let me know!

  4. Monica, I will take some pics and post prices on the bookcases and let you know when I do.

    Randi, the couch is at $200 right now. But if you are interested LMK and maybe we can work out a better price ;)