Friday, January 22, 2010

No Permit+ RAIN Galore = No Progress

It has been pouring rain ALL week long. Not just sprinkles of rain, but full-on desert rainstorms. With all of that rain, they have not made any progress on our house. Well, that and the fact that the city is being slow on handing out our permit. So, until the permit is in hand and the rain dries up, there won't be much to report out at our house.

It is kind of a blessing (even though it is frustrating and I REALLY want to see the house built ASAP), we are in a lease in the house we are in, so the longer it takes to get our house built, the less money it will cost us to get out of our lease.

We went and walked through the model home (it is the same floor plan that we are building). I am SO in love with the house. The flow of the house is wonderful and I LOVE the feel of it. I just can't wait until it is home sweet home. I REALLY hope that we get to call it home for good. Enough moving, let's just settle down and stay put this time ;)

Other than the house, the only other project (besides being in school full time) I have been working on is something that I am doing with my daughter. We wanted to find a way to help girls have access to Prom dresses for just the cost of cleaning the dress. I put an ad on Craigslist and have had some response. I also started a blog about it.

**CLICK HERE to read about what we are doing**

Also, if you have any dresses you want to donate, let me know!!!

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