Sunday, January 3, 2010


My oldest son called us bright and early this morning. He sounded like death warmed over. He said that he couldn't breathe and that he was feeling really, really sick.

Bryan got dressed and met him over at the hospital. After testing him, they diagnosed him with H1N1. Dang! I thought that maybe our family was going to get by without any of us getting the stuff.

This flu is going to be really hard on him because he has asthma. Anytime he gets sick he has problems with his lungs. I hope that all four medications that they gave him kick in soon and that he can start to feel a little bit better. He wasn't well at all this morning.

I am hoping that he doesn't end up staying a night or two at the hospital because he can't breathe!!! We have spent countless nights with him as a child giving him breathing treatments, now he is living on his own and I hope that he realizes how important it will be to keep taking his medication and let us know if he has any problems.

I asked him to stay here with us, but he said that the way he felt, he didn't want to stay here and then get all of us sick. He said he was certain that none of us would ever want to feel as sick as he is feeling right now.

I hope he gets better SOON!!! Poor kid!


  1. That is scary with his Asthma. I feel for him. Hope he gets over it soon.

  2. That royally SUCKS. Sorry to hear that! Having had H1N1 myself after Koby had it, I can totally empathize with him. I feel for anyone who gets it- it is MUCH worse than the seasonal flu, and it DOES feel like death. It's also one of those viruses that you wonder if it will EVER go away. I pray that he can drug up as much as he can and that the asthma doesn't pose too much of a complication. We'll keep him in our prayers.