Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our HAPPY News!

I mentioned a while ago that we had some HAPPY news that I wanted to share. Since the word has leaked out, I figured it was time to write a blog post about it.

Since I am apparently not busy enough with school and Bryan apparently isn't busy enough with work and driving back and forth on the weekends, we decided, "Hey, why not build a new house???!".

So, that is our HAPPY news! We had mixed emotions about leaving the area we are in right now because we love our neighborhood and our neighbors, but this opportunity to build this house was just too good to pass up!!! We jumped right in with both feet, and as of last week, they started digging the footings.

This week things have pretty much come to a halt (because of all of the rain), so we are patiently waiting for the rain to dry and then hopefully progress will be made.

Our view:

Our Lot:

Our dirt pile ;)

Our trenches:
Ready for cement footings:

Our Floorplan:

Our home won't look exactly like the one above because we did change the elevation on ours a bit, but it will look pretty close :)


  1. CONGRATS to you guys! That is soo fun- & kind of close to my house in Little Valley. I think you are right down the street from my nephews father-n-law & our friend Kurt Ivie :) Oh how fun to build- the joys & the CrZiNesS

  2. So happy for you guys, but so sad to see you move 4.6 miles away. Don't think it is that easy to get away from me. We will still be over for late scrapbooking nights!