Friday, September 25, 2009

The Shoes~The Purse~The Dress~The Interview

Am I posting these pics to show off my clothes??? Haha! NOPE! I am posting these pics because this outfit will either become a favorite of mine, or will end up as one I despise! ;) Why? Well, this is the outfit that I woke up this morning and put on to wear to my interview for entrance into the Education program at the college.

It was the final step I had to take in order to be done with the application process. The application process has been a LONG one! First you need to take all of your general classes, then you need to take all of your pre-core curriculum, then you need to fill out an entire packet of information that includes your Educational Philosophy, an short biography, 3 letters of recommendation, transcripts, take a writing test, meet with the advisor to go over everything, and then FINALLY you get to sign up for the interview.

After signing up for the interview, you wait the two or so weeks for the day to arrive, then you dress professionally and head out the door. Is there any way to prepare for the two hour interview with Professors who have a doctorate in education? Nope. You just go.

I went.

I survived.

Now I wait for my letter of acceptance or denial. UGH! Glad the process is over. Waiting to hear? Not so glad about. The advisor said I will have my letter by November 1st at the latest. That is a VERY VERY long time to wait!!! I SO hope it comes sooner!

If the letter is YES! I will love the outfit above.

If the letter is NO. . .well, then perhaps that dress will be one I won't put on again! Haha!!! I will chalk the NO up to bad dress mojo :D

I am keeping my fingers crossed that my letter starts out CONGRATULATIONS! Here's hoping!


  1. Well I love the whole outfit! I was thinking how much I loved that dress Sunday when I was listening to you teach you lesson.

  2. Aw, C'MON!! We don't get to see a pic of YOU *IN* the dress? Lol! Beautiful dress. I'm sure it radiated enough good luck vibes. Here's waiting for the acceptance with ya. ;)

  3. You have nothing to worry about! You know you will get in! The education program needs someone like you! Cant wait to see your post when you get in! You are too cute!