Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do I REALLY Want To Do This???

Marathon Mania.  That is what I call it.  Every year we go and watch the local marathon from the 25.2 mile marker.  Every year I say, "Next year, I am going to run it".  Another year goes by, and I say it again.

I am seriously thinking that NEXT year, 2011, is the year.  Am I crazy???  Sometimes I think I may be.  Especially after I look at the pictures I took!  Oh well.  Crazy or not, if my body will hold up through all the training, I just might be one of these crazy people out there next year.  Or not!  ;)

The Barefoot Runner

LOVED that these two were running together :)  I like to call it, The Giant and The Midget.  HAHA!

This is what delirium looks like.


I SO wish that my son's chair hadn't been in the way of this one!  His cup hides the splatters in the gutter ;)

Wonder if this guy made it through BOTH marathons?  2 in 2 days is pretty amazing!


  1. Great photos! I couldn't hardly look at the throw up one though. I dont do so well with that. If I see it I do it.

  2. Lori! Just the fact that you're THINKING about running it next year makes you my hero! The kid who won the entire marathon is named Aaron and he lives here. He didn't walk for two days after :)

    So, I have to know . . . what happened to the guy with no shoes and why didn't he make it the last mile??

  3. Oh! And btw, I'm your visitor from Victoria Harbour, Ontario. For some reason my internet thinks we're in Canada!

  4. Canada, eh? Haha. As far as the guy with no shoes, he did make it the last mile. I didn't word it very well. I just meant that he had made it 25.2 miles at that point. I was told he prefers to run without shoes. Sounds painful to me!

  5. Awesome pics!!! I am setting a goal for myself to have lost weight and be in good shape to do a marathon in 1yr. Just to see if I can do it. Hopefully i will not be the one who is yaking in ur photo.

    Over from Wandering Wed. Would love a follow back. http://clarkmom3athome.blogspot.com

  6. I am your newest follower from Wandering Wed, I too plan on running a marathon in 2011! Although, I bet I am a little older than you!! : )

    Good luck and i am sure i will be the one puking!
    The Becker's
    Shawn a Marathon Runner in Training

  7. That is wonderful - Crazy - but Wonderful....hmmm maybe more like Crazy Wonderful that you want to run it next year. There is no way I could ever do something like that. So I hope you do and that you do not toss your cookies :)... because I am going to live vicariously through your posts if you do. Yup, that's as close to running a marathon as I will get.

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