Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Block. . .FINALS WEEK!

It hardly seems possible, but by the end of this week I will have survived the first stage of Summer semester. I will have 6 more credits behind me and I will be half way through 3 credits of the regular summer block and then on Monday I will start the final 6 credits of the last summer block.

I am going to be SO glad for this week to be done. This morning both my classes gave out the final study guide. . .HOLY-SHOCK-A-ROLL-EE! Dang, there is a lot to learn! Both of the classes are doing a comprehensive final. UGH! We have learned so much over the past 5 weeks that I am not sure I remember a heck of a lot. I guess I will be studying my little heart out until the actual tests on Thursday.

Bryan headed back up north today. Man, I wish that we could get the house up there sold. It is SO frustrating because right now the market is SO slow!!! It has been at least 3 weeks since we have even had a walk-thru! Our agent said it isn't just us. He said that no one is looking right now. BUMMER! If no one is looking, no one is buying. I think we need a miracle, but I do believe in miracles, so hopefully one will come our way and SOON!

I have pics from the Pioneer Trek that I will get posted soon. I have been studying so much today that I just haven't had time. Hopefully I can get them posted by this weekend.

Until next time. . .

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  1. I am so happy that you are getting some of that behind you! Wahoo! We need to do lunch soon.