Friday, July 10, 2009

Day OFF!

From school that is! YAY! Gotta love that, & boy I sure do! I think I might even do some creating tonight with my scrapbook supplies!!!

We went back to the Insta-Care today and had the stitches taken out of my baby's head. He was a trooper. I am surprised at how great his head looks. For as deep as the wound was, the scar isn't going to be too bad.

I sent out Luau invites for my parents today. Glad I can check that off of my to do list.


I wanted to post one (with the info blurred out of course!) because they took FoReVeR and a day to make! That little hula girl was 9 separate paper piecings and then I had to draw her face and cheeks. I did some inking on her as well. What was I thinking?? LOL! I had to make 25 of those things! Next year perhaps I should do something not quite so time consuming. We shall see.

Well, I do have laundry to do and the Tour to watch, so I suppose I am off for now!

Until next time. . .

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  1. We got our invite and can't wait! We will be there! I am excited for the volleyball game! This time I am not prego so you won't have to worry about "killing my baby!!" I think Brady said it when you hit the ball into my tummy! It is always fun! Let us know if you need us to bring anything. We will be coming home from Lake Powell!