Saturday, July 11, 2009

Waiting. . .

for my husband and my daughter to get back in town. We thought that waiting to eat lunch with them was a good idea, now I am STaRViNG!!! I hope they get here soon!!!

I have been working on my talk this morning. I get the "opportunity" to speak at church tomorrow. I don't mind speaking in church, I am just always a lot happier when it is over :) So, around noon tomorrow I will be breathing a sweet sigh of relief. AHHHHH!!!

My day also consists of oodles of laundry and running a bunch of errands. The grocery store is calling my name because it has been a week since I have gone and stocked up on things. My kids are also feeling picked on because they don't have any snacks. Boo, hoo. Don't you feel sorry for them? ;)

My hubby just drove up!!! YAY! TIME FOR LUNCH!!!

Until next time. . .

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