Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lost It!

What did I lose??? My sanity, my patience, my cool. . . . .

It doesn't happen often, but today it did. After spending all day long in classes and knowing that I was coming home to HOURS of homework before going to bed and waking up and doing it all over again, I walked into the house and here my kids sat in the mess that they had created all day while I was gone.

Life is pretty easy to understand around here. We have a calendar that states who is supposed to do what and when. Chores have been assigned (and there aren't that many), babysitting times have been assigned and all the summer events have been scheduled.

All I ask is that while I am at school, that my kids do their chores before they take off and hang out with their friends and do their summer activities. That's it. Pretty simple, right? Well, apparently not, because I walked into a messy house and kids off doing this that and the other and not one, that's right, not one chore was completed.

I felt defeated, then I felt frustrated, then I felt angry, and then. . . .I lost it.

I called the missing children and told them to get their little fanny's home. I told the children that were home to send the friends home and to start their chores.

I started on the kitchen. . .UGH! Nothing like cleaning up dishes from breakfast at 6 PM with bowls that have dried up oatmeal on them. Lunch dishes with burnt cheese from grilled cheese, and a container that had been emptied of its contents and the juice and syrup from the fruit spilled out all over the counter-top and the floor.

Nope, nothing like an overflowing garbage can that didn't have a liner in it and had fry sauce all down the sides and bottom of it.

Nothing like it. Home sweet home I tell ya!

After the house was back into presentable shape, I made the kids their dinner and then told them that I was heading out to be alone for a little while. . .I needed to put myself in time-out :)

I decided that a short drive and some In & Out fries would soothe my frustrated soul. So, I headed over to the drive-thru at In & Out.

As I ate my fries and drove the long way home, I decided that life could be worse. At least my kids were all safe and nothing bad (other than sheer laziness) had happened to them. At least I had a home to come to, dirty as it was. At least I have a family to love and who loves me (even when I am upset).

After my therapy session of driving and fries, I made it back home and sat down and had a talk with the kids. . .they are going to try harder to help me out by doing their chores. I sure hope so!

Well, homework is calling my name. I am off for now.

Until next time. . .


  1. I totally get you. Sometimes after a fit, I realize that it really wasnt THAT big of a deal and what really matters is my loved ones. Oh well we're just human right?

  2. I like the fries and driving for therapy, much less expensive than a shrink. Nice job !!!

  3. Man, the only way this post could have been better is if you had kept cool long enough to snap some pics! Your detailed descriptions left a vivid picture in my mind. I guess I can live with that. :)

  4. You have alot on your plate and it's probably long over due. Kids just don't get it sometimes how the simple things like an orderly house can make all the difference to us...Keep up the good work and know we all all love you!

  5. Wow!! How I can relate to this exact experience! You are an awesome writer! Couldn't you use this blog entry for one of your homework assignments!!?? Hang in there! I so admire your determination and hard work, getting your degree will ALL be worth it! :)

  6. I have to say that is funny, now that it is over. I would have freaked out! You were probably a lot nicer than I would have been.
    Hope they help you out a little better!