Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just Have to LAUGH!

As everyone knows I am back in school this semester. Taking 15 credits during the Summer is a bit insane and crazy. Yes, the classes are only 8 weeks or shorter in length. . .however that means that 1 class period a day is equal to approximately 1 week worth of classes in a normal semester. So, class periods are 2.5 hours each and the homework load each night is a week worth of homework due the next day.

Anyway, after sitting in classes hours on end each day and then going home and doing hours of homework and then waking up and doing it again, I have decided that taking a break during those 2.5 hour long classes is probably a good thing.

I was zoning out a little bit towards the end of my Multi-Ethnic American Lit class. . .I mean, give me a break! By the time that class is nearing its end, I have been in classes for 8 solid hours. That is a LONG time to continually digest information! So, here I am zoning in and out of the lecture the teacher is giving. . .

Dr. Barry: (reading a question from a student's paper about our text) ". . .part of the KKK. I would too."

Me: (suddenly SHOCKED out of my zoning) I look up at Dr. Barry, he looks at me, gives me a quizzical look, I look back at him. . .at that moment I realize that he meant that he would ALSO like to know about the KKK's involvement in the scenario in the text.

OH DEAR! Guess what my first thought was? I THOUGHT he said he would like to be part of the KKK!!! OOOPS! My bad!

Me: Upon realizing what just happened, I begin to giggle. It was involuntary. I could not help it.

Dr. Barry: "Lori, would you like to share?"

So, I explain.

Class: Uproarious laughter!

Dr. Barry: (laughing as well) "I think we need to take a 10 minute break."

Sorry Dr. Barry! I truly did not mean to disrupt the class! At least he took it all in stride.

Until next time. . .


  1. That is so funny! I love that you admitted that you were zoning out in class. Dr. Barry is awesome, I am sure he thought it was funny, too.

  2. That is so funny! You always make me laugh! by the way so glad I found the newest blog! I forgot to update my old one!