Monday, July 13, 2009

qUiEt. . .

Things are awfully quiet around here! My hubby took my two little boys up north to visit with their grandparents and cousins and so the three of them are gone for the week. "Nutmeg" is back from EFY, but she is at volleyball camp from 8 am - 11 pm everyday this week. Kam doesn't live with us anymore, so all that is left is myself and "Bones".

"Bones" is still grounded and I think that he is bored out of his mind. I am liking the peace and quiet for now because I am getting all of my homework done. I am sure that I will be missing my two little boys before too long though. At least I know that they will be having fun.

I just freaked myself out because I took a sneak peek at the Praxis test that I have to take before they will let me student teach and um, well, it looked stinkin' hard!!! YIKES! and YIKES AGAIN! Deep breath. . .calming thoughts. . .deep breath. . .okay, so I am not going to think about it again for a while, I won't have to worry about taking it for a while. Maybe it won't seem so hard once I get a few more classes behind me. Here's hoping!

I best be off for now. I have to finish my homework and then do some church stuff.

Until next time. . .

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