Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shuttle Ride

I had a chance to ride the Shuttle up north on Friday. I was expecting the worst. A crowded van packed with people.

Instead, it was a great experience. There were only 5 of us on the Shuttle. So, that means that each of us got our own row to our self. The first half of the trip, I was able to get some homework done. When I finished my homework, I listened to my iPod for a bit.

The second half of the trip, the other passengers and I started to talk. They were young college kids (except for the old dude in the front seat who wanted to be left alone). One of the girls is a single mom, another boy just returned from two years in the Philippines after serving a mission for the LDS church, and the kid in the backseat is in his second year of college as a Theatre major.

It was fun to hear their different reasons for being on the shuttle and fun to get to know them a little bit.

It is kind of strange to be complete strangers with a group of people and yet still able to carry on a 3 hour conversation with them.

My husband tells me I am an extrovert. I don't see myself as one, but perhaps I am. I really did enjoy getting to know some new people. He said if he would have been on the Shuttle he guarantees that there wouldn't have been any 3 hour conversations going on with him and the other passengers. My friend Breck told me the same thing when he was cutting my hair later that day.

My husband thinks I am strange because I have strangers tell me things all the time. They just start talking to me and then before you know it they are disclosing personal information that you would think you would only tell someone who you knew well. Haha!

Maybe I am going into the wrong profession. . .perhaps I should have been a therapist ;) Then I could have conversations with strangers telling me their personal information all day long.

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