Friday, October 30, 2009


I am feeling so blessed right now. The past 7 months have been so difficult. Well, actually, I am not going to lie, the past 18 months have been pretty rough.

Bryan has been going through some stuff at work (a demotion, a pay cut, etc) that did not make any sense. Many people could not understand why these things were happening to him, because there was no reason for it. It would have been easier to understand if he had done something to deserve it, or if for some reason he hadn't been doing his job. That was not the case. What it boiled down to was politics. It was frustrating, heartbreaking, and well, needless to say, VERY humbling.

We moved forward. Bryan tried his best to do what he could in his new position, with his new pay. He was so much better at handling the situation then I think I would have been. He was not bitter toward the person who caused us to be in this situation. He just pressed forward doing all he could to provide for our family. I on the other hand, had to struggle with my feelings for that particular person. At times I still do.

I went back to school during all of this mess so that I could finish up my degree and help our situation financially at some point. It was a scary leap of faith to make the decision to pack up and move south 400 miles so that I could finish my education. However, we knew it was what needed to be done. The kids and I pack our bags and left, and Bryan stayed put in his new job assignment. A little time went on and we resigned ourselves to this situation.

There was a job that Bryan applied for a few weeks ago. It was one that was probably yet another pay cut, but, it would get him out of the situation of working for a person we no longer trusted or respected. He interviewed for the job and hoped like crazy he would get it.

After three weeks of waiting for an answer, he found out he did not get the job. It was a crushing blow. Another humbling experience. Another time to question what really was important.

We spent a lot of time praying trying to figure out what we should do.

At one point we decided that Bryan would just find some type of a job, any job, that would pay him enough for us to just get by and he would go back to school. It was scary to think of living like poor starving college students while we were in our 40's, but we knew that he needed to get out of the working situation he was in.

Yesterday at 10 AM, EVERY THING changed! It is amazing the difference a day makes :) Bryan received a phone call from a man that both of us have a deep love and respect for. This person has not only come to our rescue once, but twice. There have been some changes and a new company formed with the acquisition of new stores. This person, that many years ago was Bryan's boss, was put at the head of the new company. He met with Bryan and offered him a new position. I can't go into details about it, yet, because it has not all been announced. Let's just say we are feeling VERY blessed right now.

Bryan will still have to have his office up north; however, there will be some flexibility in his schedule and even times where he will be able to work from home. Things are better than we could have imagined right now. We are feeling very blessed and excited for the future.

There are still a lot of pieces to the puzzle to put together, but we know that with prayer and faith, we will figure out a way to make all the pieces work.


  1. I'm so happy for you guys.. I understand having a hard working husband who just doesnt deserve what he is getting.. Bryan definately deserves some appreciation and to work for a company that recognizes his value! I'm so glad you guys dont have to be starving college students!

  2. Oh Lori that is AWESOME! I'm soo thrilled for you guys! And look it was better than you even expected! You guys deserve it! Tell him congrats!