Sunday, October 4, 2009


First of all, thanks to the Borst family for inviting us to join in on their 25.2 mile marker post. It was great fun. This is the third time we have been able to do this with them. It always inspires me when I see what some of these runners look like when they hit their last mile. I SO want to do the marathon. . .I think the only reason I never have is because of a fear of failure. Maybe I will do it next year. . .
Our Linda, she was in SO much pain! She did GREAT! :)Running-Dog-Man! YES! He is famous in our little world :)
The final mile marker. Station 25.2 miles.
TOO CUTE! Wish I would have had my other lens on for this shot.

Grizzly Man. See him EVERY year.


Run-Away Bride.

AMAZING! This is Debbie and this is the 33rd time she has run THIS marathon.
Not to mention COUNTLESS others! She has run this marathon pregnant and while battling cancer. What an inspiration!

Heading toward the finish line.



Before the runners arrive.

Waiting for the runners.


  1. Some of those pictures are great! Your kids look so excited to be there. Ha ha ha

  2. Love the "yearly tradition" people. Lol! Fun pics! And ditto Brooke. ;)