Saturday, October 24, 2009


I need to catch up on my blogging! I have been so swamped with school and life, that I haven't had a chance to blog in WAY TOO long!

I FINALLY got my letter from the college. When I opened the mailbox, I saw a large white envelope from the college in there. I stared at it for a minute. Then I pulled it out and stared at it some more. My heart was pounding. My hands started sweating. After standing frozen for a few seconds, I tried pushing down on the envelope to see if I could read through the envelope to see what the letter said. Don't ask me why. I suppose I figured if it said sorry, it would be easier to read it that way. I am not sure. Haha! Anyway, I finally opened the letter. It started out, Dear Lori. Congratulations! WAHOO! I did it! I was accepted into the Bachelor of Science program for Elementary Education!!! It has been a long road to get to this point, but I have arrived! My next destination? GRADUATION!!! A job, and then at some point, on to my Masters degree :)

Thanks to everyone who offered their support and wrote my letters of recommendation. I couldn't have done it without you!!! :)


  1. Congratulations Lori!! Way to go!!

  2. Congratulations! Hello! I knew you would. You're extremely talented and smart so they'd be terribly dumb to deny you! I never doubted you for a sec!