Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birthday~Halloween~Drivers License

Things have been so crazy that I let October fly by without updating my blog much, or adding any pictures! We have been busy, but also very blessed this month. I was accepted into the Elementary Education program at the college, and Bryan was offered a new job that he loves so far. We know we still have some hurdles to overcome (like a home that has been on the market for almost 9 months with no offers!), but we are so grateful for what we have and have faith that things will work out.

The kids enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather that we had this month, and spent most of it outdoors hanging out with their friends (when they weren't in school).

"Skampy" celebrated his 12th birthday. Hardly seems possible that my fourth child is that old. He had a great time on his birthday and was happy that his Grandparents and his Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen were here to celebrate it with him.

"Nutmeg" was FINALLY able to finish up drivers ed, pass the test, and head out to the Drivers License division to get her official license. So, all of you on the roads might want to beware that she is going to be out there on the road behind the wheel! Unfortunately for her, the only time she will be driving is when she can get her hands on my car or her fathers. She doesn't have a car of her own, she wants one BAD! I am sure she will take any donations people are willing to give her for a car of her own ;)

Enjoy the pictures!

Official Driver!

Wahoo! She passed!


Mr. & Mrs. Gene Simmons

What teenagers do on Halloween (act like nerds)

"Nutmeg" and her Halloween gang


Skeleton Pirate

Birthday #12!

PS- I updated my scrappy blog as well! Imagine that! To check it, CLICK HERE :)

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  1. I love the picture of Meg jumping for joy with her license. Only a girl would be willing to do that.