Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Letter "R"

Here goes my 25 things that I am grateful for starting with the letter R:
Rain- I love to smell it, hear it, play in it, watch it.
Radio- Like I said before I LOVE music!
Red- The color red. It symbolizes love and passion. I LOVE the color!
Rolls- Especially the homemade kind :)
Raspberries- I love them!
Reality- Sometimes reality has a way of kicking me in the butt, but at least when it does, it helps me to refocus on what is truly meaningful in my life.
Rebel Without A Cause-James Dean YUM! If you haven't seen it. You NEED to!
Rings- I love rings, especially my wedding ring and what is symbolizes
Reading- Nothing better than reading a good book.
Rainbows- They are gorgeous! Great pic opportunities too!
Races- I love signing up for 5K and 10K races with my family. So fun!
Rides- We used to have a tradition that we referred to as our "Sunday Drive". It was fun to go out and explore together as a family.
Real Estate- It is a passion of mine. Sometimes I think I was meant to be an agent ;)
Razors- Do I really need to explain?
Recipes- Trying new ones and finding something wonderful is always fun.
Records- When I was a teen, I LOVED collecting records. Now, I am not sure if my kids even know what they are. There is something nostalgic about listening to music on a record player, scratches and all!
Redecorating- If I were rich, I would by homes, remodel and redecorate them and sell them.
Refrigerator- What would we do without one?
Running- I have been lazy, but I do love when I am faithful about my running schedule.
Random Memories- Aren't they great???
RAK's- Random Acts of Kindness, what could be better?
Redo- It is always nice to get to do a redo every now and again when something goes wrong.
Relationships- My hubby, my children, my family, my friends.
Relatives- You can pick your relatives, but mine I think I'll keep :)

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