Friday, November 6, 2009

Just in Case. . .

Just in case you ever find yourself in need of a short movie/song clip about fractions, now you know where to find one! Haha! :) I am sure I will have MILLIONS of people who are in need of a fractions movie thanking me for posting this! ROTFL!

I had to make this movie for my Math 2010 class. Just thought I would share. It is targeted for grades K-3. Turn up your speakers, the music is VERY catchy!! Beware, you will be singing the song all day long! It gets stuck in your head!!! :D


  1. You learn something new everyday and it only took me 60 years to learn a fraction is a part of a whole

  2. Lol! Thanks for sharing, Lori. How many pizza's did you have to bake? Ok, seriously. My favorite part is "5 out of 4 people dont understand fractions". ROTFL is right!