Sunday, November 8, 2009


Thanksgiving is almost here. I can hardly believe it!

Last night I walked into Target and saw all of the Christmas decorations. It just doesn't seem possible that Christmas is just around the corner! Wow! I haven't even had time to give Christmas a second thought. Guess I better start at least thinking about it.

Anyway, last year for the month of November I decided to take my blog post each Sunday and post 25 things that I was grateful for. Since there were 5 Sundays, I ended up with a list of 125 things on my list.

This year I have decided to switch it up a bit. . .I am going to take the word GRATITUDE and start 9 days before Thanksgiving with the letter G, and list at least 10 or more things that start with the letter G that I am grateful for. Eight days before Thanksgiving I will do that with the letter R, and so on and so forth until I hit Thanksgiving day and end with the letter E.

This should challenge me a bit to REALLY think about things I am thankful for. Especially when I hit the letter I and E. We will see how I do :) I am kind of excited to give it a try!

Oh, and just an FYI, I researched it on my blog, and today is my anniversary for officially being caffeine-free. It has been ONE FULL YEAR! It hasn't been easy, but I have stayed off of my diet coke that I love so much!!! Just had to give myself a pat on the back :)

Watch for my Gratitude posts to start on November 18th. . .

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