Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Letter "D"


Here are my 25 things starting with D that I am grateful for. I cannot believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I haven't even been to the grocery store yet! I guess I better get my list made and go :)

Dads- I have a great dad and my hubby is an amazing dad. A great dad is so important!

Dinner- Family dinners are the best.

Date Night- My hubby and I have a tradition. Saturday nights are reserved for date night. The kids have pizza night and we go out with just the two of us. I look forward to it every week :)

Desert- My kids were all born in the desert. We live in the desert. It is our home. We refer to our children as Desert Rats because they can't handle being cold.

Dessert- One of my favorite things about eating out is the YUMMY dessert!

Daisy- I love flowers!

Dogs- I am not grateful for dogs for me, but for my son "Bones". He is a true dog lover.

Dancing- Dancing in the rain, dancing because you are happy, dancing like no one is watching.

Daughter- I only have one and we think she is pretty special. Not sure what we would do without her.

Desire- Some of the greatest accomplishments come from the desire to try.

Desk- I am grateful for my desk. Most of the time it is a cluttered mess, but it is where I study, where I learn, where I create.

Destination- I love traveling and going to a new destination. Exploring all of the places out there in the world is so fascinating to me!

Discovery- Discovering and learning new things, how great is that?

Delicatessen- Eating lunch out with family or friends or even by myself. I don't know why, but I LOVE going out to lunch.

Daiquiri- Baskin Robbins Daiquiri flavored ice cream, YUM!

Doctors- Thank goodness that there are people out there willing to go to school to become doctors, nurses, surgeons.

Deals- Like the kind you get on Black Friday! :D

Dandelions- I remember as a kid when the dandelions would go to seed and we would pick them and close our eyes and make a wish and blow the seeds up into the air.

Decaffeinated Diet Coke- I don't drink pop much anymore, but I am SO glad that there are a few restaurants out there that actually have decaff-diet coke when I do want one! :)

Decorating- I LOVE decorating things. My house, my Christmas tree, etc.

Dreams- where would we be without hopes and dreams?

Dollars- it is always fun to have a few dollars in your pocket to spend on something that you want :)

Dirty- I don't like it when it is referring to my house; however, when it is referring to my kids face because they have been outside playing with friends and digging in the dirt and exploring or because they have eaten something so delicious that it is all over their face, then dirty isn't such a bad thing ;)

Daffodils- It's that flower thing again!

Depp- As in the Johnny variety ;) He was just voted the sexiest man alive this month by People Magazine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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