Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Letter "T"

Here are my 25 things that I am grateful for that start with the letter T. I should have done this one yesterday, but I went to visit my sister and see her new house and ran out of time :) I guess I will be posting "I" later today so that I can keep on track to finish with "E" on Thanksgiving!

Time: even though time can bring about some unpleasant stuff, like wrinkles and grey hair, I love having time to spend with my family, time to spend with my friends, time to create, time to rest, time to read, time to do the things I love.
Travel: I LOVE to travel! I want to see the world!
Teachers: The older I get and the more schooling I get, I realize how much time and effort teachers put into helping their students. I am truly grateful for all they do.
Thanksgiving: The whole reason I am doing these gratitude posts is because of the opportunity that Thanksgiving gives us to reflect on the things we are grateful for.
Temples: Need I say more? :)
Trust: What would the world be like without it?
Together: This word reminds me of my family. We have the opportunity to be together forever. How lucky is that!
Toddlers: I LOVED it when my kiddos were toddlers. How fun is it to watch them learn, grow, and discover the world around them???
Tongue: Well, I need it to talk, so I kind of like mine! :)
Toothbrush: We all want shiny teeth and good breath, right?
Tools: Tools for redecorating, tools for crafting, tools for finishing up a job. The right tools make doing projects SO much easier!
Trees: I love looking at the trees blowing in the wind outside.
Treasure Chests: Pirates of the Caribbean! That is what I think of when I think of treasure chests.
T-Shirts: Nothing better than pulling on a nice comfy t-shirt with a pair of nice comfy sweats.
TEVAS!: I LIVE in my Tevas! I can't imagine not having them. They are my all time favorite shoes.
Travis: He is my baby brother. Even though I don't get to see or hear from him as much as I used to, I am still glad I have him.
Texas: My baby brother and his wife live there and my brother Jeff was born there.
Tulips: As I have said in previous posts, I love flowers. Tulips remind me of Spring.
TV: I love to wind down at the end of a busy day by watching some of my favorite programs.
Tivo: I couldn't watch TV without it! Who wants to watch the commercials anyway???
Typewriter: When I was in high school, I wanted my very own typewriter so bad! It seems silly now with computers, but back then we didn't have computers in our homes!
Talent: Finding and discovering new talents is an awesome thing! Seeing and enjoying the talents of others is amazing too!
Trick-Or-Treaters: I LOVE staying home on Halloween and handing out the candy to the little kids who come knocking at my door.
Trains: Riding the Heber Creeper when I was little. That is what a train reminds me of. . .childhood memories :)
Twilight: I know that people have a love/hate thing with Twilight, but here is the deal, although it may not be canon material to rival Shakespeare, it is a fun series with characters that come alive. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the books!

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