Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Letter "U"


This could get pretty interesting. Here are my 25 things that I am grateful for starting with the letter U.

Umbrella- every year at the scrapbook expo, it rains on us. Thank GOODNESS for our umbrellas. Not to keep us dry, to keep our scrappy supplies dry!
Umpire- wouldn't want to be one, but glad to have them. I think that my family could use an umpire for family game nights.
Unicorn- they remind me of when my sister was little. She had a unicorn room. Childhood memories :)
Unicycle- I have always wanted to learn to ride one.
Ukulele- Reminds me of Maui, one of my all time favorite places to visit.
Up!- LOVED that movie! I cried several times. It was so cute!
Uncles- for mine, for those who are my kids. Uncles are great!
Utensils- much better than eating with my hands.
Underwear- Do I really need to explain?
Understanding- isn't it great to find someone who is completely understanding? They are the type of people that you want for friends.
Unpack- I LOVE to unpack because it means I have just returned from a trip!
Unusual- Unusual is much better than normal :)
Unfold- Isn't it fun to watch how life unfolds?
Urge- The urge to do something fun. The urge to do something exciting. The urge to be creative.
University- I am HOPING to be a college grad someday before my 100th birthday :D
USA- Glad I live in the land of the free.
UGH!- Sometimes there is no better word to explain how I am feeling.
Ugly Duckling- It reminds us of the beautiful swan that can be found inside everyone.
Ultimate- Ultimate meal, ultimate dance, ultimate experience. Things that have ultimate in front of them sound so much more special.
Underground- When I was in high school, I was so into the "Underground" music scene, etc. Oh sweet memories.
Unique- I LOVE being the only me there is.
Umbilical Cords- memories of the births of all 5 of my kids.
Ultra- Ultra glam, ultra modern, ultra cool, ultra fun, things sound super ultra cool with ultra in front of them.
UFO- The thoughts of UFO's used to scare me when I was a kid. They don't anymore, but UFO's remind me of a really good book I read called The Way Station. Even though I am not into Sci Fi, it is a GREAT book!
Uber- One of my favorite designers, David Bromstad, uses this word all the time. I think it would be UBER cool if he came and designed my house for me! :) I can dream, right???

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  1. so cute to read all of these! How do you even come up with that many???? p.s. we missed ya tonight!