Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Letter "I"

I have been wondering how this was going to work for the letter I. Here goes nothing!
iPod- my ipod, what would I do without it?
IKEA- one of my all time favorite stores!
Information- I love gathering information and learning new things!
Intelligence- Where would we be without it?
Ibuprofen- Considering I am having a MAJOR headache right now, I am very grateful for ibuprofen.
Ice- I love to eat ice, especially the crushed kind.
Ice cream- ESPECIALLY when I was pregnant. It was my favorite thing to eat :)
Ice Skating- I have only been a few times, but I love it! So fun!
Icing- What would a cake be without it?
ICU- We always hope we will never need to be there, but are so grateful that it exists if we ever need it.
Idaho potatoes- I LOVE mashed potatoes and gravy.
Identity- Isn't it nice to know who you are and what you stand for?
Idleness- I know it isn't good to be idle all the time, but there are times when sitting down and relaxing and doing nothing is what I need in order to re cooperate from the craziness of life.
Infinity- "To infinity and beyond!" One of my favorite Buzz Lightyear sayings :)
Imagination- Think of all the things that are possible when we use our imagination.
Images- especially the kind from pictures taken with my camera.
Imperfection- I spend so much time in my life trying to be perfect, that sometimes it is just good to embrace imperfection.
Impulsive- sometimes the best things in life are when we make an impulsive decision and just do it!
Indepth- an indepth conversation can really make you think.
In-Laws- They make our family complete :)
Independence Day- LOVE the Fourth of July!
Income- what would we do without our bi-weekly paycheck?
Indian Bread- We couldn't have Navajo tacos without it! I remember in 5th grade we made Indian bread. I loved it!
Indigo- Black, LOVE IT! :)
Italian Food- Can you say Olive Garden???
WOW! I am impressed! I actually found 25 things that start with the letter I that I am grateful for. Tomorrow, 25 more that start with T.

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