Monday, April 19, 2010

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

Do you ever feel frustrated or overwhelmed??? Man, I sure do right now! I know that I am truly blessed and that I have more than a lot of people, but lately, I feel like we are NEVER going to get on top of things.

What am I talking about???

Well, last year when Bryan's job changed, it put us in a position with our finances that we had never been in before. All of a sudden we were financially strapped. Not a fun place to be! We were paying for two homes and living expenses in two places. I was back in school (still am!), NOT CHEAP!

He was offered a new job and we were thinking YES! Now we can get back to where we were before all of this mess!!! Well, it hasn't been easy. Seriously. Not fun. We are still digging ourselves out of the hole that we got into back then.

We still haven't sold our home up north. UGH! So sick of it! So, that is weighing on us financially.

We were able to build our new home. THANK GOODNESS! Seriously the bright spot in all of this. However, every time we think we are on top of stuff. . .more stuff happens.

For example, we planned on using our tax refund to put new tires on my car, buy blinds and to start putting in the backyard. Guess what? No refund. Instead we got to PAY state taxes. Almost a thousand bucks. How lucky is that?

So, we have been waiting to buy blinds. We have some temporaries up, and they work, I am glad for that. Not glad that I have to wait to get the real blinds, but glad that I don't have sheets on my windows.

Every time we get a little bit ahead and think we might actually have some extra money. . . guess what? Something else happens.

On Saturday, my daughter backed my husbands car into a truck. Nice. Not. I am guessing that it will cost another thousand+ or so bucks to fix his car. If we make an insurance claim, our rates will skyrocket because she is a new driver AND because not so long ago my hubby had an incident on the highway that we had to claim already. It did some pretty bad damage to my car. I am just grateful that the truck she backed into wasn't damaged in any way and that my daughter wasn't hurt!

Seriously, I could go on and on and on, about money right now, but I won't. In the large scheme of things, I know that these situations are all going to pass. The fact of the matter is that all in all I am very blessed. I have a beautiful home and I have food on the table and a husband and children whom I love.

The little instances that keep popping up and taking a thousand bucks here and a thousand bucks there, must be happening to teach me something. Maybe patience? Maybe humility? Who knows. I just hope I learn from it quick so we can quit shelling out $$$ like we have it buried in the backyard! :) Unfortunately, we don't!


  1. I hear ya! Trenton finally gets a job then.. oops laid off again.. and now we have a baby on the way.. eek!

  2. So sorry, but we know how it feels too. As you already know. I guess we can just complain to each other.

  3. I understand your situation. Last summer we had to pay $2700.00 in car repairs!!! Not to mention the expense of having a senior and completing another semester in the fall. Patrick has now decided to go on his mission first and that will take place in the fall. It never ands and there are no teaching jobs in sight but- we have a wonderful family and many things to be grateful for.

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