Thursday, April 29, 2010

If You Have It---They Will Come.

The craziness of the Iron Man has started. Our town is full of hustle and bustle with all of the people who will be here competing for the weekend.

According to the Iron Man registration:

2,200 athletes from 30 countries and 47 states will be participating in this inaugural event in St. George. 72 qualifying positions are at stake for the 2010 World Championship held in Hawaii.


I SO WISH that I could go be at the finish line on Saturday to cheer and watch the finishers! We were going to, but now we have some family stuff we have to do instead :( Kind of bummed. Oh well, family is more important anyway, right???

Good luck to all of those competing!!! It is an amazing accomplishment. It fascinates me that a human body is even capable of such a feat!

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