Thursday, May 27, 2010


We just got our bill for our little excursion up north on the airplane. Gasp! Gulp! Faint!

Life Flight to Primary Children's- $16,000.00

That is only for the flight. Not the two ER visits here, the two CT scans, the two ambulance rides, and the 4 day stay in the Neurological Trauma Unit. Can't wait for those bills to start piling in. I am sure they will be here soon.

No amount of money will EVER be worth more than the health & safety of my child. However, that said, it totally stinks that we will still be paying for this whole incident years from now. *Sigh*

We will be heading back up north next week for more tests on my son to see how his head is healing and to make sure that he is fine cognitively and physically. I am hopeful that all will be well. He has improved leaps and bounds this week. So happy about that!

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