Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If Wishes Were Fishes. . .

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you could do ANYTHING you wanted??? I do. I try not to spend too much time obsessing over it because it wouldn't be healthy. However, it is fun to just imagine what life could be or would be if wishes came true.

I wish. . .

. . .I could make a living with my camera. Wow, how fun would it be to actually get PAID to take pictures. I know it is possible, but there are just SO many people out there trying to do the same thing that it isn't very likely I would actually make enough money to call it a "job".

. . .I could make a living being creative. I LOVE to create stuff. I LOVE to take all of the ideas in my head and turn them into tangible stuff. Now if I could only get paid to do it.

. . .that I could be a photographer, interior designer, graphic designer, artist, jewelry designer, fashion designer, purse designer, shoe designer, architect, landscape designer, writer, and world traveler all at once! That would be amazing!

. . .that I had so much money I didn't even need to work! Heh, heh. That would be awesome! Then all the things I want to do could just be my hobbies!

. . .that I were debt free.

. . .that all my kiddos could be happy and healthy and injury free.

. . .that I could find a magic bottle with a genie in it. Then I could actually make some of my wishes come true.

Okay. I am done with my wishing. It was good to get it all out. Now back to reality ;)


  1. i agree on the photography thing.. EVERYONE is on that band wagon right now.. its kind of hard to consider it as an actual option.. and i also hear ya on the being creative and getting paid to do so that would be so cool! But I think you could do any of that.. you have more than just the average creative mind.. We've been thinking of Jake... I hope he can continue to get better smoothly.. Love you guys!

  2. Dear Mother,
    I made a Blog today. For real this time. It's please make a link to it from your Blog since everyone seems to read yours.
    Love, Your Daughter